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31 augustus & 1 september 2019 (Show Oss)

31-08 : Ginny Ex1

Elektra haar laatste CAC, dus ze mag zich nu Champion noemen!

01-09: Ginny Ex1 - BIV Total - Nominatie Best in Show  :)
Elektra CACIB - BIV Total - Nominatie Best in Show :)

15 & 16 juni 2019

Show Barneveld: Ginny & Elektra (beide dagen) genomineerd voor de Best in Show


4 augustus 2018

Yeahhh vandaag is de mooie dochter van Southmoor’s Whoopie Pie! & conCoonflakes Basil Fawlty: Mt.Cathli’s Mia Bella’s ofwel Bella, bij ons komen wonen


We are a small Maine Coon cattery in the North-East of the Netherlands.

Our first litter was born in 2006 and ever since we try to breed 1 or 2 litters a year.

Health and character are our preliminary goals, of course without losing the breed standard.

Our breeding cats are screened regularly for heart- and kidney diseases (ultrasound & DNA) as well as checked by our vet annually.

Our cats and kittens are a part of our family, and live with us in our house. Our kittens are raised in the living room together with our other cats and our sweet chihuahua Morris.


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